Eldar for Sale, again.

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Eldar for Sale, again.

Post  Matthew G on Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:08 pm

Hey all, So I am wanting to get rid of these.

Squad of 16 guardians
1 weapon platform with starcannon and crew
1 weapon platform with no heavy weapon in it (no crew)
3 warlocks
3 Support weapon battery's with distort cannons (with crew)
4 Dark Reapers
1 Reaper Exarch with Missile launcher conversion (not sure if you could use it as the multiple missile launcher, but i would)

All models of some degree of paint/primer on them, and those that are painted are in Ulthwe colour scheme

Not sure what to sell them for, but I am thinking 60 bucks for it all. I know new, its probably over 120dollars worth of models (give or take).

Let me know if you are interested. I can make deals on singles if you want, but i would prefer to do an all or nothing kinda thing, but I can be negotiated with.

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