Goddamn Death Korps Autocannon for sale!

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Goddamn Death Korps Autocannon for sale!

Post  ScottRadom on Tue May 19, 2009 10:52 am

Piece of =I=censor=I=! I had a terrible issue prepping a resin model for painting about a month ago that cost me. My usual scrub under water with dish soap wasn't enough and the mould release agent hung on to the model and it undid a ton of my work. SO I had to strip it in simple green. Which led me to thinking, why not soak all my resin stuff in simple green to be sure to get the mold release agent off?

So y'know how some Forge World stuff is cast in rigid "good" resin. Well that stuff is fine. I got an autocannon crew made out of the shiny more flexible crap they sometimes use and that kit is in awful shape. It's paintable, and it's usable, but I can't sell it on eBay. It would have a hard time being packed up after it's painted and because it's gone a little soft I might get accused of casting it myself. I would sell it as is but I worry about getting the negative feedback about it. One bad feedback early on is MOIDAH!

So... got a forgeworld Autocannon crew for trades. It is FINE to paint up and use, and I will take trades of anything that I can pawn off on the internet. It my favorite of the three sets, Autocannon 1 I think.

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