League rules - X-Cam Version - *** CURRENTLY NOT IN EFFECT ***

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League rules - X-Cam Version - *** CURRENTLY NOT IN EFFECT ***

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Warhammer 40K – Hunters of the Warp League

X-Cam rules

** Rules adapted from The Generation X-Cam rules

Welcome to the front, commander. We have been expecting your forces. I need you to lead our push into the neutral zone. Initially, I can only spare you a small taskforce, but prove your worth and we will see that you receive more forces for your area of operations. Our lords and masters expect great things from you, Commander. Victory will bring rewards in both additional resources and greater responsibilities. Defeat will be rewarded only with death. Remember: Happiness is dying with our mission complete; damnation is dying, our task unfinished.

To fulfill your orders you must undertake missions. Each mission is a game against an opponent or opponents. There are three basic types of missions you will be performing:

Recon Mission: Players engage in small battles to gain Recon points. Recon points represent how much ‘intelligence’ your force has gained about its area of operations, enemy positions, and assets.

Gain Strategic Advantage: Once they have enough Recon points players may spend them to challenge other players to larger battles to gain Strategic points. Strategic points represent your offensive position in the area. The more Strategic points you have, the better positioned you are to make a critical strike and establish control.

Establish Control: Players that have gained a strong strategic position by accumulating Strategic points are now ready to spend those points to coordinate large engagements to gain Control points. Control points represent how much dominance your force has in the area.

Recon points and Strategic points are simply a means to an end. Throughout the X-Cam players will gain and spend these points. You will always be returning to Recon missions to earn more Recon points, and spending those points on Strategic missions to gain Strategic points. These, in turn, are spent on Control missions to gain Control points as well as to improve your situation in lower-priority battles. Unlike Recon and Strategic points, you don’t spend Control points. Control points increase your rank and give you access to more powerful abilities.

Declare Your Allegiance
When you sign up for the X-Cam you must select which Codex you will use. If you start playing the X-Cam and find you don’t like your choice, you may change it at any time by starting over. Starting over means that all your Recon, Strategic, and Control points are reset to zero.

How you play:
1. Find an opponent. People respond well to bribes!
2. Challenge your opponent to a mission. You may only choose a Mission that you can afford
based on your current status in the X-Cam. (see Mission costs)
3. Roll scenario on the table for the chosen Mission.
4. Determine Fleet Points and Attacker based on scenario and Mission rules.
5. Build your fleet (notice you know your opponent, the scenario, and point value ahead of time)
6. Play the game.
7. Determine how many Recon/Strategic/Control points you gained and spent. Your opponent does the same.
8. Report your results.

Participating in the X-Cam is very simple. Find an opponent and challenge him to a game. Issuing a challenge is a “Mission.” The type of mission, or challenge, you can issue depends on both your current points (Recon, Strategic, etc) and, in some cases, your opponent’s points. There is no worrying about maps, or game turns, or requirements to battle specific opponents. Just find someone, challenge them to
a mission, and play. The following is the list of missions:

A Note on scoring:
All missions will use objectives or kill points in some manner to determine victory. All rules that apply for determining a scoring unit (troops choice, no vehicles, etc.) and a unit that can contest apply for all scenarios using objectives. In some scenarios, the objective may become quite large (an enemies entire deployment zone, a full building, a table quarter, and so on). A player will earn mission points depending on whether or not he scored a draw, major or minor victory.

Recon Mission
You need more information on what is out there. Deploy forces and scout the area. Report back with your findings. You must get home with the information at all costs.

All players gain Recon points based on the following:

Major Victory: 6 Recon points
Minor Victory: 5 Recon points
Draw: 4 Recon points each
Minor Loss: 3 Recon points
Major Loss: 2 Recon points

- If you accepted the challenge, you gain +1 Recon point
- If you haven't played the person in your previous 3 games, you gain + 2 recon points
- If you have a fully painted army, you gain + 3 recon points

Mission Info
Cost: Free
Opponent: Anyone! 2-4 players may participate in a single Recon Mission.
Force Mission Points: Default at 750, but can be played with any total between 500-900. The person issuing the challenge chooses the point amount.
Standard Special Rules: All Recon Missions must use the following Force Organization Adjustments:
500-749: 0 -1 HQ, 1+ Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, Elite, or Heavy Support.
750+:- +1 Elite or Fast Attack choice
Further Restrictions:
1. No models can have better than a 3+ armor save.
2. No models can have more than 2 wounds.
3. No vehicles with a total Armor Value greater than 33. This is calculated by adding the Front, Side and Rear armor.
4. No special, unique or named characters.
5. No ordnance weapons

Strategic Mission
You’ve gathered information on the critical locations of enemy supplies and key units. It’s time to move
in and hit them where it hurts.

All players receive Strategic and Recon points based on the following:

Major Victory: 8 Strategic
Minor Victory: 6 Strategic
Draw: 5 Strategic points each
Minor Loss: 4 Strategic
Major Loss: 2 Strategic

- If you accepted the challenge and won, you gain +3 Strategic and Recon points
- If you challenged someone and won, you gain +5 Strategic points
- If you haven't played the person in your previous 3 games, you gain + 3 recon points
- If you have a fully painted army, you gain + 3 strategic points

Mission Info
Cost: Challenger pays 10 Recon Points, Challengee pays nothing
Opponent: Any one other player.
Fleet Mission Points: Default at 1500, must be between 1250 and 1750.

Control Mission
We have them now! You have scouted out enemy deployments, established a strong strategic position. Now you’re now ready to strike!

Designer Note: This action places restrictions on who you can challenge in addition to a cost for the challenge. This is done for two reasons. From a “fluff” perspective an opponent who has just started scouting out the sector has no major targets to attack. From a game balance perspective, Control points are a big deal, you should only be able to earn them from players who have played more than a couple games.

If the challenger wins, he gains 1 control point and the chelgee gains 10 strategic points!
If the person challenged wins, he gains 20 Strategic Points

- If you play an Apocalypse game, both players receive +10 strategic points

Mission Info
Cost: Challenger pays 30 Strategic Points, Challengee pays nothing. Alternately, the challengee can opt to pay 20 strategic points meaning that the winner of the game, be it challenger or challengee, will earn a control point. If the challengee pays 20 points in accepting the challenger, it will only cost the challenger 20 strategic points as well.
Opponent: Any one other player with at least 20 Strategic Points or at least 1 Control Point.
Fleet Mission Points: Default at 2000, must be between 1750 and 3000. If possible, an Apocalypse game is preferred!
Attacker/Defender: Challenger is attacker
Control Scenario Table:
The scenario played is based on the Challenger’s current Control points (CP)

Global Rules- If your ENTIRE force is painted (in at least 3 colors) you gain +3 recon points in every mission.

Control Points
Players with Control points have impressed their commanders and can now call upon expanded resources. For every Control Point you possess, you may choose one of the following upgrades for a single unit in your army each time you fight. Units may be given multiples of the same upgrade if you wish. Each upgrade awards the unit with a re-roll that can be used ONCE during the course of the game.

Street Fighters: Re-roll a difficult or dangerous terrain roll
Grizzled Veterans: The unit may Re-roll a failed To Wound roll
Seasoned Campaigner: The unit may Re-roll a failed Leadership Test.
Tank Killers: The unit may Re-roll a failed Armor Penetration roll
Natural Survivors: The unit may automatically pass a single break test from a lost assault
Rapid Deployment: If held in reserve, the unit may Re-roll its Reserves roll

Terrifying: A unit that passes a Tank Shock test from this vehicle may be forced to Re-roll it
Hardened Crew: The owning player may force a single Glancing Hit result to be Re-rolled
Reinforced Armor: The owning player may force a single Penetrating Hit result to be Re-rolled
Skilled Gunnery: The vehicle may Re-roll a failed To Hit roll or a Scatter die
Skilled Pilot: The vehicle may Re-roll a failed Dangerous Terrain test
Tank Killers: The vehicle may Re-roll a failed Armor Penetration roll

General Rules
You can decide with your opponent to play a scenario, roll of the chart at Dragon's Den, or play out of the book.

All armies have to valid and "should" have copies of rules must be present. Special characters that need permission should be cleared ahead of time. If you are going to be playing a weird or odd army, make sure your opponent knows ahead of time.

Valid armies will come from the army Codices and Chapter Approved articles. Vehicles design rules may be used but only with opponent’s permission.

All models should be WYSIWYG or as accurate as POSSIBLE. Despite this, new players should not be penalized, so any significant problems should be told to the opponent BEFORE the game has begun. There should be no surprises during the course of the game.

If your opponent doesn't show up to the game, or doesn't give you enough notice of cancellation that you can organize a different game, you wil be awarded points as if you had achieved a minor victory.
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