Nurgle List

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Nurgle List

Post  Guardian Angel on Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:28 am

I recently purchased Jubin's chaos amry and won a chaos lot of ebay. Time for a Nurgle list. This is what I came up with.


Typhus (Mounted in Land Raider)

Demon-Prince with Wings and Warp Time


7 Plague Marines with Rhino
- Power fist on Champ
- 1 Melta and 1 Plasma (I wanted 2 plasma but was short the points)
- Extra Armour on Rhino

7 Plague Marines with Rhino
- Power Sword on Champ
- 2 Melta
- Extra Armour on Rhino

7 Plague Marines (Mounted in Land Raider)
- Power fist on Champ
- 2 Flamers

Hvy Support

Land Raider with Demonic Possession and TL Bolter (bolter is on the model and may be cut off)

Defiler with TL Hvy Flamer and Extra CC attack

Predator with TL Lascannon and Las sponsons
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