A stumper

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A stumper

Post  Matthew G on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:03 am

This question came up in a game I had one day...

I land raider moves and deploys the smoke launchers (done in the movement phase). Can it in the shooting phase use the power of the machine spirit to fire one weapon?

The rules for smoke launchers say that a vehicle that uses them may not fire any of its weapons in the shooting phase, but then the rules for the power of the machine spirit say that it can always fire one more weapon than would normally be permitted. And goes onto say "therefor a raider that has moved at combat speed can fire 2 weapons, and a raider that has moved at cruising speed or is crew shaken or stunned can still fire one weapon"

Just wondering as this is very dicey, and looks to me like it potentially could pop Smoke AND still fire 1 weapon using the machine spirit...

Let me know your guys opinions here.


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Re: A stumper

Post  System Commander on Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:01 pm

Going straight by the rules for POTMS, you can pop smoke and fire a weapon. THere has been some discussion about this on the boards as well, and while it's almost like the chicken of the egg scenario.. smoke says you cant fire, POTMS says you can.. I think the argument for the machine spirit firing has a better argument. At least that how I read it currently.

Im defnitel yup for discussing it some more though.

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