For Sale - Tau Force $200

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For Sale - Tau Force $200

Post  Descendant on Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:32 pm

Hey all! Selling a solid Tau army here. 24 Fire Warriors, 6 Stealth Suits, 1 Riptide, 2 Broadsides, 7 Crisis Suits, 1 Sun Shark Bomber, 1 Sky Ray Missile Defense System, 2 Devilfish, and a buttload of drones. For HQ's there's Shadowsun, Farsight, and Darkstrider. I had stripped the Crisis Suits to paint them into the Farsight Enclaves, but never finished. Comes with the case, special edition codex (it's numbered), and I'll throw in some dice and templates. Give them a good home! PM me for pics, as I can't see how to add pics here.

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