30K Marines army mostly assembled, some ForgeWorld kits *sold*

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30K Marines army mostly assembled, some ForgeWorld kits *sold*

Post  Oatboy on Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:30 pm


I'm looking to sell my 30k marines force, mostly assembled but not primed (I have taken the time to remove mold lines and flash and taken care of the models)
The army contains the entire Betrayal at Calth box  (20 tac marines, 5 plasma marines, contemptor dreadnought with arms not yet attached, 5 cataphracti, Praetor in Catraphracti, kitbashed consul, siegemaster, master of signals.)
Most of a Burning of Prospero box (20 marines, 5 missile marines, 5 meltas, 5 tartaros terminators, Geigor and Ahriman. No Custodes or Sisters)
Spartan tank (not assembled, NIB)
5 Tartaros marines (NIB)
Sigismund (NIB)
5 black templar  terminator storm shields (NIB)
2 twin linked contemptor dreadnought lascannons (NIB)

not a single model is primed, just lookng to offload this to make room in my apartment for the Solar Auxilia army I'm collecting.

I was thinking something along the lines of $350 for the lot, but that number's not set in stone.
I'd rather sell it as a whole, but feel free to make an offer for piecemeal.

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Warhammer 30/40k marines

Post  Deadly_Jester on Fri May 12, 2017 12:52 pm

Hi, I'm wondering if you have sold these yet?

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