~Week 4 update~

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~Week 4 update~

Post  Paz on Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:56 am

Week 4 update, as requested!
(note, I am just updating again this week, I won't be updating for until at least week 7-8 ).
I will be adding a poll in a bit about number of games reported. Some people are reporting a loooot of games in a short period, which makes it a bit unfair, points wise, for people who cant play all the time or live far out of town. Let me know your thoughts.

Jamie: 44
Dan: 35
Chad: 27
Paz: 24
Andrew: 22
Mike S: 21
Jeremy: 19
Ben: 18
Tom M: 16
Wesley: 14
Kenzie: 13
Marshal: 11
Robyn: 9
Beau: 8
Mike V: 8
Mark H: 6
Ian: 6
Dom: 4
Brendon: 3
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