~Important note on Hunters and the Den: league discount~

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~Important note on Hunters and the Den: league discount~

Post  Paz on Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:45 am

Hey guys, a couple of people have asked me recently what the den does for the league (besides host us, supply terrain and generally be super awesome with sales and tournament support).

I just wanted to remind everyone that Darren offers all payed league members 10% off any 40k purchases. All the time.

Yeah, thats pretty awesome if you ask me.

Darren would just like to reiterate that you MUST mention that you are part of the league BEFORE he rings through your purchase, he aint got time to be refunding and re-selling product.

And next time you're in Dragons Den, feel free to let Darren or Al know how awesome their business is for all of us, without their support, there'd never be this big of a 40k/gaming in general community in Saskatoon!!

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