Grey Knights for Sale

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Grey Knights for Sale

Post  Aegwymourn on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:06 pm

So after much deliberation I have decided to sell my Grey Knight army. I am trying to get down to one or two armies for 40k. I am going to do a breakdown of how far things have been painted along with roughly how much I'm looking for.

Here is a list of everything in included. Everything is on a Microart Studio ( base except NIB models.

Custom Grandmaster/Librarian (Well Painted)
Finecast Draigo (magnetized arms/basecoat)
Librarian (tabletop quality paint)
Techmarine (base coated)
10 Terminators (Well Painted)
5 Terminators (base coated)
10 Strike/Purifiers (between tabletop and well painted)
5 Interceptors (between tabletop and well painted)
Custom Dreadknight (tabletop)
2 Razorbacks (tabletop)
7 additional strike/purifiers (basecoat)
Brotherhood Champion (basecoat)
2 Double Autocannon Dreads
NIB Paladin Squad

Here are a couple of quick snaps. More pictures available on request.

" />

I am asking for $600 all in. Retail it is easily $800 plus the cost of the bases. Normally I'd ask less but the paint job is actually quite good on the models that are completed.
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