~Gardens of Isha Batreps, Week 3!~

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~Gardens of Isha Batreps, Week 3!~

Post  Paz on Tue May 17, 2016 10:59 am

eel free to post in this topic short narrative blurbs about your game!

Who/when/where, and how the battle went, and I'll add it into the gestalt narrative of the campaign in some way!

It'll really help if you include your warlord's name/classification, get your dude to be a central figure! Warlord kills will also be cool to include, getting your boss to injure another character/ get wounded him/her/itself as well! All optional of course.

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Re: ~Gardens of Isha Batreps, Week 3!~

Post  Dom.0 on Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:20 am

right a week late but here it is.

Entro vs Seek

Dom.0 MT vs Shadow disco blood angel

5km from the 3rd batt. ammo depot

A small blood angels advanced operating group sat receiving new orders, soon the Capitan (I forget his name but it was really girly. Lets call him Capitan Ma am.) Soon Capitan Ma am approached a scout squad and gave them their orders. " A one Lt Col Gates wish's to came back to the emperors light him and his command squad are in the command building at the nearby ammo depot, but move fast he fears that a commissar has been sent to kill him."

3rd batt ammo depot

a hand full of torax primes pulled up to the command building and a squad of tempestus scions with Lord Commissar Nigel. They moved towards the command center.
The scout squad and made it to the second floor and was moveing towards the command room when they saw LC Nigel and his escort enter the room talk soon fallowed.
"LT. COL. JHON S. GATES YOU ARE A COWERED AND MSUT DIE AS A RESULT!" yelled Nigel at the top of his lunges.
"The only cowered is you commissar! And if you do not leave soon the Astartes will kill you and your poor accuse for soldiers!" said gates pointing his sword at the Scions.
"Is that's so? well then I have no time to lose." Nigel then raised his bolt pistol and shot Gates in the chest witch was fallowed by a small fire fight between the scions and the command squad. with Gates bleeding out and his command squad dead Nigel and his squad left the building not noticing the camo clocked scouts in the hallway. The scouts waited until the commissar was down stairs before entering the command room. Once inside they found Gates bleeding out and began to stabilize him.
"You take him out of here!" the Sargent used a harsh whisper as he issued the order.
The one scout took Gates away as the squad move back into the hallway.

Gates was about to enter his torax when the ammo storage bay blew up. Soon Prime Von Emeric was on the vox net demanding a status report , he soon got one.
"....braaap Bang bang bang... Blood angels........Braaapapap.... Over run....... BROTHERS KILL THOSE SCIONS!" it ended with Capitan Ma'am's oddly female kill voice (for a man) sending chills down the Scions spines.
The Scions jumped into action but where out flanked by multiple scout squad witch confined their movement. it wasn't long until they where on the retreating foot even more so when the terminators deep striked in. Von Emeric started isuseing orders over he vox net but before he coulkd get the seco0nd round of orders off the Blood angels started trolling them with captured voxcaster. Von Emeric then became engaged in melee with a scout squad witch him and his men killed but more and more marines joined in and soon Von Emeric and his squad went out I a blaze of glory taking two sergeants and a hand full of marines with him (lest that's what it will say in the history books.) Nigel was shocked at the mess that had befallen them the terminators where on a rampage and Nigel's squad sacrificed themselves to save him (well he dies as well but I need him alive for narrative proposes so screw logic.) Lord Commissar Nigel and the remainder of his detachment ran off.

Have photos but I don feel like uploading hem so... yea.

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