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Post  Paz on Mon May 16, 2016 4:38 pm

Wow, its getting really dangerous to hang out in the gardens of isha!

With 13 games counted in the last week, the teams are really gearing up for some huge face-smashing battles across the main continent.

While small skirmishes along border0lines keep the entropists and seekers eyeing each other's captured territory, no-one seems to want the despoilers messing with the gardens!

Huge confrontations along despoiler territory lines have created three warzones with pushback on both sides, with the entropists attempting to create a foothold in Despoiler territory, while the D hold strong, only losing 1 territory zone fully to entropic attacks.

The seekers continue to play the long game, capturing more empty territory, and squabbling amongst themselves for leadership of the allied seeker forces.

Who will capture the gardens. Who will discover its secrets? Tune in next week, same isha time, same isha channel!

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