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Angels of Death Supplement

Post  dusktiger on Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:02 am

hey guys,

So, i'm not sure how many here have been reading up on this new book that released this weekend, so i figured i'd make a bit of a summary of the book here for peoples.

First off, this book gathers all of the detachments and formations spread across the campaigns and wed-release bundles over the last year into one book.  That means if you bought the Skyhammer Annihilation Force, or the Kauyon/Monk'ta campaign, you pretty much know all of them already.  It also gives a couple new dataslates for units for the "Ultramarine" codex players.

so to start off, let's look at the dataslates.

to begin, there's the Terminator Captain:

now according to the supplement, he can replace any 'Captain' in any detachment or formation that calls for a 'Captain', such as in Strike Force Ultra, or in the Demi-Battle Company.
He's also shown in the cataphractii armour, which he's allowed to switch to; if he's wearing this armour, he becomes Slow and Purposeful, and because of the overlaping Iron Halo 4++ and the armour's 4++, he gains the ability to re-roll 1's on his Invul Saves.

then there's Cataphractii Terminator Squads:
they can mix and match weapons, the Sergeant can even swap the sword out, and they're boosted to a 4++ invul at the cost of being Slow and Purposeful instead of Relentless, and only being allowed the Heavy Flamer for special weapons.

And then we gained another iteration of the Contemptor dreadnought:
he's dropped 5 pts, now starts with a Multi-Melta instead of TL Heavy Bolter, regained his BS 5, and bumped up to 4 Attacks from his original 2.
now here's the biggest changes.  He lost ALL of his wargear options, except for being able to swap the Multi-Melta for a Kheres Assault Cannon.  He can also be taken as 1-3 Dreads in a single slot.

Like the captain, the supplement states that any formation that lists "dreadnought", "venerable Dreadnought", or "ironclad Dreadnought" can have that unit replaced with a Contemptor Dreadnought.  So if you have the points to burn and enjoy assault cannon dreads, this might be the best thing to fill out your list.  YMMV

The dataslates out of the way, lets get onto what else the book gives you.

There's a list of Relics for the Imperial Fists, Salamanders, and Iron Hands.
There's a Warlord Trait table for Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, Black Templars, Salamanders, Iron Hands.
There's also 6 replacement Tactical Objectives cards that replace the first 6 in the stock deck for these chapters.

there's a few new Formation/Detachments as well.

the first one, which is noticeably different, is the Anvil Strike Force, which lets you field an army of space marine tanks.  the core formations for this is 1-2 of either the Armoured Task Force or the Land Raider Spearhead from the codex.  Then, you need one or more Auxiliaries.

This is a nice one for those that have alot of tanks, but never get to field them all.

the next one is the Sternhammer Strike Force, for Imperial Fists:

Iron Hands get one:

And lastly, the Salamanders:

So that's the big stuff the book covers, in case you were debating if you want to spend the $40 for the book or not.  There's also supposed to be background fluff for the chapters it covers.
Essentially, it replaces and updates the Sentinels of Terra, and Clan Raukann Supplements, and adds in a Salamanders one.  It also folds in the "white scars" and "raven guard" formations from Kauyon, and as you can see reading the auxiliaries, makes it clearer that they're not chapter-specific, but rather Codex: Space Marines specific, which was a bit of an issue online with some groups.  For anyone wondering, some examples would be the Raptorwing, Stormbringer Squadron, and Ravenhawk Assault Group.
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