~the wrath, 1850 daemonkin killtown~

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~the wrath, 1850 daemonkin killtown~

Post  Paz on Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:36 am

Trying something a little different. After seeing some similarities on the web and at the tourney with daemonkin, I'm trying to build a list that's good, but doesn't rely on the most common units you find in daemonkin right now, such as fleshhounds, spawn with jugger lords etc.

+++ Warband of the Wrath (1850pts) +++

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Blood Host Detachment) (1451pts) ++

Primary Detachment

+ Core (1061pts) +

Slaughtercult (1061pts)

Chaos Lord [Axe of Khorne, Lightning Claw, Sigil of Corruption, The Blood-forged Armour]

Berzerkers [4x Berserkers with CCW, 4x Bezerkers with Chainaxes, Icon of Wrath]
Bezerker Champion [Lightning Claw, Power Fist]
Chaos Rhino [Combi-Bolter, Dozer Blade]
Combi-Weapon [Combi- Melta]

Bloodletters [Banner of Blood, Bloodletter with Bloodreaper upgrade, 15x Bloodletters, Instrument of Chaos]

Bloodletters [Banner of Blood, Bloodletter with Bloodreaper upgrade, 15x Bloodletters, Instrument of Chaos]

Chaos Cultists [7x Cultists with Autopistols]
Cultist Champion [Autopistol]

Possessed [Possessed Champion, 4x Unit size]

+ Command (275pts) +

Lords of Slaughter (abra'gax) (275pts)
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage [Warlord]

+ Auxiliary (115pts) +

War Engine (115pts)
Helbrute [Power Scourge, Reaper Autocannon]

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Allied Detachment) (399pts) ++

+ HQ (75pts) +

Herald (75pts) [Greater Locus of Fury, Hellblade]

+ Elites (133pts) +

Chaos Terminators (133pts)
Combi-Weapon [Combi- Melta]
Power Weapon [Power Axe]
Terminator [Power Fist]
Combi-Weapon [Combi- Melta]
Terminator Champion [Chainfist, Combi-Bolter]

+ Troops (66pts) +

Chaos Cultists (66pts) [7x Cultists with Autoguns]
Cultist Champion [Autogun]

+ Heavy Support (125pts) +

Skull Cannon (125pts)

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Re: ~the wrath, 1850 daemonkin killtown~

Post  System Commander on Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:10 am

Ya.. i like it. This is pretty close to what you had in the league playoffs when we played, right?

Yeah, i know what you're saying.. its just so hard to not take a gorepack though.. those hounds are pretty awesome. And.. ive had about 25 sitting around for 10 years of nice to be able to start using them. But for sure. .. every list you see has one with a jugg lord, gets a bit daunting to look at.

Ive been playing around with spme Kdk allied Csm and daemons list.. trying to get something i like. I do really like the idea of 4 khorne heralds from the daemon book allying with kdk and throwing lots of locus around. Just trying to find somehing i like..

Itll be nice to get some more daemonkin books rolling here, Ive got plaguemarines and about 40 plaguebearers waiting for action.

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