Regular Wednesday 40k Night!

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Regular Wednesday 40k Night!

Post  Deadlytoaster on Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:45 pm

So as per the topic in General Discussion, Thursday is no longer a valid night for 40k! (says Darren and he's the boss so thats that)


We will be having 40k night on Wednesdays instead! It will be on Wednesdays for the forseable future.

However! If that night does not work for you dont lose hope! If it is only feasible for a small number of people to attend on wednesdays, or our attendance is low then it will be changed.

There is also some talk of a secondary night/afternoon (maybe a sat?) for 40k! If we have good attendance Wednesdays but there are a group of people who cannot attend we can make a secondary day for those people. This will also have the added benefit of more chances to play 40k for those who either miss a Wednesday or just want more than a single game a week. Either way this is still in the works and we will see how our regularly scheduled Wednesdays turn out first!

Please leave a message here if wednesdays work for you or not. So far I have Ian, Beau and myself as people who are ok with it (and Robyn if he ever gets the chance to make it out).

I hope to see many of you guys out on Wednesdays to help support the revival and growth of the 40k community!  

(New players are good after all, plus more players, better league, more tournaments, stronger community, maybe even more gaming space if the stars align and we have CRAZY attendance....who knows? Very Happy )


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Re: Regular Wednesday 40k Night!

Post  Matthew G on Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:04 pm

I like that there is a regular league night period.
My days are up in the air, some work, some don't, but knowing I can go on a Wednesday and there'd be people there is just prime.

Also, the regluar games can amp people up for the regular league that runs! Don't forget, 5$ paid to the Den for entry, and report all your games!

That being said.. I need to actually sign up... I keep forgetting when I'm at the den Razz

Matthew G
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Re: Regular Wednesday 40k Night!

Post  da bear on Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:33 am

After this week I will be back to my normal work load,if you can call it normal lol, so I will be up for Wednesdays for sure,

da bear

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Re: Regular Wednesday 40k Night!

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