1715 playoffs list

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1715 playoffs list

Post  dusktiger on Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:56 am

this is gonna be my list for the playoffs.

1715 Pts - Red Scorpions Unbound

Formation: Battle Demi-Company (47#, 1480 pts)
   1 Battle Demi-Company, 1480 pts
      Captain (Artificer Armour; Tear of the Scorpion (Axe); The Shield Eternal; Jump Pack; Warlord) 210pts
      Demi-Tactical Squad (Grav-cannon; Combi-Grav) 155pts
         Rhino (Storm Bolter; Dozer Blade)
      Tactical Squad (Plasma gun; Lascannon; Combi-Plasma) 225pts
         Rhino (Storm Bolter; Dozer Blade)
      Tactical Squad (Meltagun; Multi-melta; Combi-Melta) 210pts
         Rhino (Storm Bolter; Dozer Blade)
      Assault Squad (Jump Pack; Bolt Pistol & Chainsword x7; Flamer x2) 210pts
         Veteran Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Combat Shield; Power Axe)
      Demi-Devastator Squad (Lascannon x4) 150pts
      Ironclad Dreadnought Squadron 320pts
         1 Ironclad Dreadnought (Hunter-Killer Missile(s) x2; Power Fist & Heavy Flamer; Chainfist & Heavy Flamer)
         1 Ironclad Dreadnought (Hunter-Killer Missile(s) x2; Seismic Hammer & Heavy Flamer; Hurricane Bolter)

Elite: Contemptor-Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (IA) (1#, 235 pts)
   Contemptor-Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (IA) (Cyclone Missile Launcher; Kheres Assault Cannon (x2)) 235pts
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