demi/battle companies...

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demi/battle companies...

Post  Roland on Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:40 pm

I've been playing with list building for both Gladius and Lion's Sword. Obviously no issues with Demi vs whatever. The battle companies free transports 'feels' broken (the abillty to increase a lists value by 30-40% just feels wrong).

So the million dollar question is
Between 1500-1750, how bad is the Battle Company? What builds can you take?

I've played it, its uphill although it doesn't feel it. After all, it's just Rhinos /Razorbacks. But there is always ANOTHER one.
I know conceivably you can do it for 880 points plus aux. But in practice I've found you'll be higher. Just taking HW on the Devs and assuming all RB with a non HB weapon costs 320 points so you're at 1200 there.

I barely had enough room for a 10th company or Suppression Force with the Gladius. I can't imagine being able to take one of the decent ones. I had a bit more room with Lion's Sword, but not a lot. The Redemption Force or Hammer of Caliban were def out of reach.

Is the Battle Company a one trick pony (with a hell of a trick)? Is that trick totally broken?

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Re: demi/battle companies...

Post  Deadlytoaster on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:38 am

Man don't even feel bad. Everyone complains about the Eldar wraith knight and stuff like that....if you take the Big battle formation in their book they are insanely gross even without touching a wraithknight. Guaranteed 6'run doesn't seem like a big deal until you start factoring in that everyone gets it, then there's the aspect warrior formations that actually give increased stats...Pretty sure the dev team was drunk when they wrote the current eldar book. Now to be fair i have yet to play a game with the new book yet but im pretty sure its about as crazy as it looks on paper.

PS. Maybe im just a jaded Eldar player. I got into 40k in 5th which, while the rules were not ideal (see parking lots), did let you take a balanced list and still be able to win with it. The thing that appealed to me most as eldar was you could put the hurt out when you needed to but you had to be decisive with your plans and usually stack the odds in your favor with space magic, errr psychic powers (which didnt suck back then). Since then Eldar have lost their unique feel to the point where i feel they have altered their stats to just be able to be a beat stick like every other army out there. I want the eldar to have their finesse style of play restored. They should be a rapier to the space marine hammer, not a slightly faster less expensive hammer.

PPS So in the end i dont think the space marine battle company is super broken, i would like to play vs it with the eldar big formation to really make comparison. Who knows, maybe they'll make all the other big formations for other armies so good Eldar will actually take some skill to play....maybe.


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