1000pt demi company

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1000pt demi company

Post  dusktiger on Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:49 am

this list was to come up with a fast easy to pack army for impromptu games at the den:

1000 Pts - Codex: Space Marines Roster

Formation: Battle Demi-Company (31#, 1000 pts)
Battle Demi-Company, 1000 pts (Fear; Fearless; Objective Secured; Tactical Flexibility)
      1 Chaplain (Bolt Pistol; Jump Pack; Teeth of Terra)
      4 Tactical Squad (Grav-gun)
         1 Sergeant (Combi-Grav)
         1 Razorback (Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter)
      4 Tactical Squad (Plasma gun)
         1 Sergeant (Combi-Plasma)
         1 Razorback (Lascannon and TL Plasma Gun)
      4 Tactical Squad (Meltagun)
         1 Sergeant (Combi-Melta)
         1 Razorback (Twin-Linked Lascannon)
      4 Assault Squad (Jump Packs; Eviscerator)
         1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Combat Shield; Power Axe)
      4 Devastator Squad (Heavy Bolter x4)
         1 Sergeant (Boltgun)
      1 Ironclad Dreadnought (Meltagun; Chainfist; Hurricane Bolter)
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