1750 Red Scorpions Battle Demi-Company

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1750 Red Scorpions Battle Demi-Company

Post  dusktiger on Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:46 pm

Battle Demi-Company (55#, 1750 pts)
   Captain, (Storm Shield; Tears of the Scorpion (Axe); Artificer Armour; Auspex; Warlord)
   Command Squad, (Storm Shield x4; Plasma gun x4; Apothecary)
   2 Dreadnoughts, (Power Fist x2; Storm Bolter x2; Twin-Linked Lascannon; Assault Cannon)
   Tactical Squad (MK4 Armour), (Grav-gun; Missile Launcher; Veteran Sergeant with Narthecium, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword)
   Tactical Squad (MK5 Armour), (Plasma gun; Plasma Cannon; Sergeant with Narthecium, Bolt Pistol, Combi-Plasma)
   Tactical Squad (MK6 Armour), (Meltagun; Multi-melta; Sergeant with Narthecium, Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta)
      Drop Pod
   Assault Squad (MK4 Armour), (Flamer x2; Jump Packs; Veteran Sergeant with Dual Lightning Claws)
   Centurion Devastator Squad, (Hurricane Bolter x3; Grav-cannon x3)

tossed this together to see what can be done with the new codex.  Taking this formation gives everyone Objective Secured (yes, you read right, every model) and i also get to activate the Tactical Doctrine once per game; re-roll 1s to hit in shooting and assault that turn. Tactical squads get to re-roll all failed to hits in shooting and assault.

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