Blood Angels with Skitarii

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Blood Angels with Skitarii

Post  Matthew G on Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:52 pm

Been pondering how I want to run them.

Baal Strike Force

Chaplain, Jump - 105
Librarian, Gallian staff, ML2 - 100

Death Company x9, PF, PW, 2 Infernus, Jump Packs - 277

Scouts x5, 4 snipers, Hellfire Heavy Bolter - 82
Tacticals x9, Vet, PF/Combi melt, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod with Deathwind launcher- 231

Bike Squad x4, Plus Attack bike (5 models), Multi Melta, 2 grav guns, 1 combi grav - 179

Stormraven - 200

Skitarii maniple

Skitarii Ranger x10, Omnispex, Alpha with taser goad/Phospor pistol; 2 Transuranic Arquebus - 195
Skitarii Vanguard x10, Omnispex, Alpha with Phospor pistol/Arc maul; 2 Arc Rifles - 165

Sicarian Infiltrators x5, Princeps with Omniscent mask, conversion field; 4 stub carbines/Power swords - 215

Total 1749

What you guys think?

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