Daemonkin -first list brainstorming

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Daemonkin -first list brainstorming

Post  System Commander on Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:42 pm

Here's my first sort of brain storming list. Ive got a Slaughtercult with a couple extra detachments, a gorepack and a Charnel Cohort. The only strategy for this list is to rush forward and keep generating some Tithe points.. lots of units in this one.

Right now i have the Armour with the Daemon Prince.. but I'm thinking of giving it to the Lord.. and joining him to the Bloodcrushers with a banner. If they can move up and survive the first turn with the Lord tanking  the wounds.. they can start summoning in the whole Charnel Cohort with no mishaps.. but alot what ifs there.

Ive got a marine oriented list in the works as well.. with a schwack of termies. I think Maulerfiends would fit in awesome here.. but Im not sold on grabbing a pair yet . They are fairly cheap, fast and scary though.

I'll probably stick to summoning a thirster/prince combo with the tithe points.. or opting for Feel no Pain/Blooletters/hounds when useful. I know it'll fail now and then.. but summoning a thirster off my cultist champ is damn enticing.. Smile

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