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base upsizing

Post  dusktiger on Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:33 pm

so some mods and i were discussing the change to 32mm today and how since the release, they've been "out of stock" in Canada, USA, and the UK GW sites.  NZ gets them time to time, but that's it.  i had suggested to one of them to see if dragonforge had any resin bases in the style they make themselves since they've updated their sets with the new size, and one of the admins mentioned that they actually sell blank 32mm bases now as well because of how GW hasnt been keeping them in stock for anyone to order.

when i went looking, i also found these: [url= service/for sale/base_blanks_bevel.htm]32mm Blank Base Hollow[/url]

costs $12 CAD for a pack of 10, and you just glue your existing bases into them, then fill in the gap and extend your base design out across them.  a pretty good idea, and fits the bill for why most will switch over; a larger base for added stability and larger work area for custom bases.

and if you're just looking for 32mm bases altogether, and havent got that many finished 25mm bases, you can buy their 10-pack blanks for $12 as well.

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