One of my Highlander Ideas.

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One of my Highlander Ideas.

Post  Matthew G on Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:59 pm

Hey all. Just throwing units around and seeing what kinda unique Highlander List I can create.
Thought's on this one?

Dante - 220
Libby Dread; ML2; MeltaGun - 185
Sanguinary Priest; Angels Wing; Valour's Edge; Melta Bombs - 110

9 Death Company; Jump Packs; 2 Inferno Pistols; Power Sword/PowerFist/Thunderhammer - 307
Lemartes - 130
8 Vanguard Veterans; Jump Packs; x2 Inferno Pistols; 2 Lightning Claws; RelicBlade/Stormshield; PowerFist/Stormshield; x3 Bolt Pistol/CCW -

5 Scouts (icky); 4 snipers, Camo Cloaks, Heavy Bolter (Hellfire) - 82
10 Tactical Squad; Vet w/Power Fist, Combi-melta; Meltagun; Heavy Flamer - 205
Drop Pod; Deathwind Launcher - 50

StormRaven Gunship; Assault Cannon; Multi-melta; Hurricane Bolters - 230


The Idea is that I give the Libby Dread the Raven, Deploying Scouts and Tacticals and maybe the death company onto the table, Deep Strike the Priest, Dante, and Vanguard later. Dante's Warlord trait allows for rerolls on the reserves for all my units, so there is a good chance of them showing up early to prevent loss via no models on the table lol.


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Re: One of my Highlander Ideas.

Post  Roland on Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:32 pm

So the raven is just a dread delivery device?

Does Dante have to be on the table for that warlord trait to work?

I would think shifting either the DC or Vanguard down in numbers and bumping the other up so Someone has a ride.

I'm a fan of BA vindis, not sure how you'd drop to get it in.

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Re: One of my Highlander Ideas.

Post  Dom.0 on Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:52 pm

Dante and death company. This list likes hitting so much its wanted for domestic abuse. Or is that just tastless


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Re: One of my Highlander Ideas.

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