Eldar vs 'Crons!

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Eldar vs 'Crons!

Post  Aegwymourn on Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:33 pm

So Mark and I played a test highlander game earlier today. I was going to take pictures and do up a full battle report and everything, but alas I ended up having to leave early to fix some plumbing at the house. So instead here are my thoughts on our game. (Doesn't hurt that Mark was up at that point and it looked unlikely that I could swing it back Razz ).

One, tactical objectives are interesting. I dunno if I would call them balanced, but they offer a different way to have our plastic doll men duke it out.

Two, sweet mother are wraiths amazing now. There is no single reason not to take them. They are incredibly durable and still as good as ever in close combat. I think I could have done some stuff differently to change the impact of our game but wraiths stand out as an amazing unit. Also flayed ones are no slouches now. A small unit pumps out enough attacks that you have to do something about them, but with the rest of the necron stuff up in your grill they tend to go unnoticed. Surfboard lords are still bad. Wraithknight punted it like usual.

Three, I still can't get used to wraithguard with D-scythes. Unless you are willing to just sacrifice the WS to make sure they get an incredible position they are to slow to do much. I might have mis-deployed them a bit, but still. For the amount of points they cost not terribly worth it. I still wish I could mix D-Scythes and Wraithcannons in units. Would be really nice to have a couple of str 10 distort shots backed up by a couple of flamer templates.

Four, I still don't like the new psychic phase for my Eldar. Only being able to cast 1-3 powers sometimes instead of 3-6 almost all the time is really irritating. Especially for buff spells (had fortune never used it due to not having enough dice). They suffer from being unable to generate enough dice cheaply to get the powers you want off (without doing a seer council or something).

Next time Mark!

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Re: Eldar vs 'Crons!

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:46 pm

One thing I noticed about new 'crons is that I've been relying on the strength and resilience of wraiths to win games. The rest of the army is really middling, other than it's resilience.

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