General League Question

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General League Question

Post  Matthew G on Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:00 am

If you sign up two armies, and you choose to play them on rotating frequencies... Do you lose points in the league, or get denied an overall "finisher" bonus for not playing the same army all the way through it?

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Re: General League Question

Post  System Commander on Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:32 am

If you play a different army than is on the list at the Den, you are automatically disqualified form the play-offs and can't win any prizes, unless you are the System Commander .. then the rules dont matter.

Serisouly though, no, it doesn't matter in the least. The army sign-up is just a general thing.. you write which army you'll be playing mostly. It gives people a feel for what's out there and might affect what they play. If you go down and see 9 out of 10 people signed up are going to playing chaos lists, then you might not play yours. There are no rules about switching armies at any point in the league. I usually switch between Chaos and Daemonhunters every four games or so to switch it up a bit. Sometimes your opponent wants to play a certain army he's never played before. No detriment for doing so.

There is room for abuse though, so I watch it closely. After 5 years, this has never happened but that's not saying it can't in the future. There's nothing wrong with adding some more flamers if you know your fighting Nids or Orks. What is wrong though is switching from let's say an Eldar army to Imperial Guard because you know fighting Orks. Your guard might bet better suited for fighting Orks because they can naturally field lots of flamers and anti infantry tanks.

So, if your switching back and forth for fun, thats good but if I see people switching back and forth to fight specific opponents, we'll impose rules. Like I said though, it hasn't happened yet and most people enjoy the freedom of playing different armies.

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