PanO N3 changes

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PanO N3 changes

Post  dusktiger on Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:17 pm

just gonna list the main changes i see here that are worth noting:


  • missile launchers dropped from 25/1 to 15/1.5 pts
  • snipers dropped from 24/1.5 to 18/1.5
  • hacker dropped form 22/0.5 to 18/0.5


  • went up 1 CC to 15
  • lost HMG
  • lost Sniper rifle
  • lost Lieutenant
  • lost e/mitter
  • gained a spitfire


  • sniper rifle dropped from 41/1.5 to 34/1.5
  • hacker dropped from 43/0.5 to 38/0.5


  • gains a new special skill called Veteran L1

These are battle-hardened veterans, and they can overcome any kind of pain and smell a sniper before he pulls the trigger. Any veteran who has been forged by the heat of the fray is worth three soldiers trained in simulators or detailed to low-conflict areas. Once you’ve seen the gritty horror of war, once you’ve felt the icy gasps of death real close... Once you’ve been through that, the rest is gravy.
Veteran L1 summary: user always remains Regular, and isnt affected by Retreat! state.
if the user's army enters Loss of Lt, the user remains regular.user ignores all isolated state effects caused by E/M special ammo, the Oblivion hacking program, scenario special rules, etc.
so that's cool and makes them worth taking since they cost more being Med Infantry.

  • new unit; combi rifle + light shotgun, Drop Bears - 25pts
  • sniper dropped from 30/1.5 to 26/1.5
  • missile launcher, light shotgun dropped from 37/1.5 to 27/1.5
  • hacker dropped from 31/0.5 to 27/0.5

Orc Troops

  • mov went from 4-2 to 4-4
  • HMG went up 3 pts to 44/2
  • boarding shotgun up 3pts to 35
  • now has 2 Orc Lt, new one being HMG for 44/2
  • gained a hacker for 42/0.5
  • new profile, Multi rifle + 1 TinBot A (Deflector L1) 41/0.5
  • tinbots are markers that stay in B2B with the model, in this case giving him a Deflector without having to spend an order or roll to activate it.  it makes hackers trying to attack him have a -3 Mod.

Aquila Guard

  • Mov changed from 4-2 to 4-4
  • lost the e/m light grenade launcher

Swiss Guard

  • Mov changed from 4-2 to 4-4
  • lost all the light shotguns, but the missile launcher gains one.
  • lost the Lt
  • multi-rifle dropped from 70 to 64
  • missile went from 74/2 to 69/2
  • hacker dropped from 82/0.5 to 70/0.5


  • ECM changed to Advanced ECM
  • this means in addition to cancelling the +6 MOD to BS his attacker would gain from Targeted that ECM does, he now also causes the enemy that declared a Guided BS Attack to suffer a -3 MOD BS
  • Heavy Flamer is gone
  • gained a CC weapon called an AP Heavy Pistol - Dam 14; B 2; 0-24" range
  • Basic and Lt get a Multi HMG only
  • basic and Lt dropped from 101/2 to 93/2
  • there's a Multi HMG, Heavy Grenade Launcher for 95/2.5


  • went up from SWC 2 to SWC 2.5


  • lost their heavy flamethrowers and 2 pts in cost. 
  • the basic went up from 2SWC to 2.5

Clausewitz Uhlans

  • dropped 4pts to 96.
  • this tag actually uses S6; Mini Tags, instead of S7; tags.  so that'll be interesting to see when his model is released.


  • dropped 2 pts to 78.
  • also uses S6; Mini Tags, instead of S7; tags

Seraphs (with auxbot)

  • dropped 2 pts to 83, with +4pt auxbot.
  • also uses S6; Mini Tags, instead of S7; tags


  • gained a MediKit

Pathfinder Dronbot

  • up 2 PH to 10
  • gained Deactivator and Sat-lock skills.
  • gained a Sniffer BS Weapon
  • dropped from 21 to 16pts

Sierra Dronbots

  • up 2 PH to 10
  • lost the Repeater skill
  • reduced to a single profile with only an HMG, costing 25/1

Clipper Dronbots

  • went up 1 BS to 12
  • went up 2 PH to 10
  • Guided Missile Launcher changed to a Smart Missile Launcher
  • dropped from 34/1 to 18/1.5

Fugazi Dronbots

  • went up 3 PH to 11
  • gained Multiterrain skill
  • gained 2 BS weapons; Flash Pulse, Sniffer


  • up from PH 8 to PH 10
  • heavy shotgun dropped 6pts to 19
  • spitfire dropped 4pts to 25

Armbot (peacemaker)

  • up from PH 8 to PH 10
  • heavy shotgun dropped 8pts to 23 +4pt auxbot
  • spitfire dropped 6pts to 29 +4pt auxbot


  • up from PH 8 to PH 10

Joan of Arc

  • Mov up from 4-2 to 4-4
  • CC up 5 to 23
  • basic dropped from 61 to 49
  • Lt dropped from 61/1 to 49/1
  • there's 2 additional variants where she swaps her AP CCW for a DA CCW for 1pt more each

Acontecimento Regulars

  • minor point drops on some special weapons


  • the FO one dropped 4pts
  • the auxbot now costs 4pts regardless who takes him. so FO unchanged, other 2 get "hidden" 4pt increase.
  • auxbot went up from PH 8 to PH 10


  • spitfire -1pt
  • sniper -6pts
  • hacker -4pts

Order Sergeants

  • hackers and snipers dropped in price like previous entries

Guarda de Assaulto

  • +2 CC
  • multirifle heavy flamer went from SWC 0.5/ 51pts to SWC 0/49pts, but his auxbot is now 4pts.
  • spitfire went up 2 pts and same thing with the auxbot.

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