nids leviathan supplement pics

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nids leviathan supplement pics

Post  dusktiger on Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:13 am

found this complete scan of the nids leviathan supplement pop up today.
this one has a very different force org chart variant for the bugs.  1-3 HQ, 3-9 troops, being the main changes.  also get to re-roll instinctive behavior rolls if you wish.

warlord traits are fairly usual:
infiltrate, preferred enemy, 2VP for every IC your warlord kills in a challenge, before infiltrators are placed you get to pick a piece of terrain in enemy's deployment zone and make it -1 cover save for the game, and if the warlord suffers a wound, he gains FNP for the rest of the game.

and lastly 5 formations. 1 of which combines 3 others together and treats them as a single formation.

here's the link

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