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Post  Planes on Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:47 pm

Well, I finally got my hands on the Tube Tool from MasqMini. They sent me an extra set of the tool as an apology for how long everything took, but I still can't say I'm terribly impressed by their customer service. None the less, this post is supposed to be about the tool itself, and not the people who make it. That being said, if you like what you see here, would recommend looking into a highly similar tool made by Green Stuff Industries, available through eBay.

Above is a picture of a pair of "Size 1" plates, used the make the below pictured tools. Usage is pretty simple: make a cylinder of Green Stuff, wet your tools a bit so the Green Stuff doesn't stick, place the cylinder between the two plates such that the ridges on both plates face the same direction, and roll the plates back and forth so the ridges score the Green Stuff evenly. An option to make the resulting tube a bit easier to work with is to put some thin florist's wire inside (or a heavier gage, if you're looking to use the tube to make some structure). Just keep in mind that if you're doing a wire core, the longer you make the tube, the harder it will be to keep an even consistency.

The above pictured plates are Size 1, so it should also be noted that there are two other sizes that come with: Size 0 (one step finer) and Size 2 (one step courser).

I feel that I got reasonably decent results on my first try. For scale, the longer of the two tubes is roughly two inches long and had to be textured in sections. That being said, due to the nature of the scoring, it is very easy to maintain a proper alignment when working your way down a longer cylinder.

There are some fancier things you can do with this tool, as I've seen in other reviews, such as mixing plate sizes to get an alternating corrugation effect, or rolling your plates at an angle to each other to get the kerning effect seen on Thunderhammer hafts. There's also allegedly a trick to making rope effects with it, but I can't recall it off hand.

I'll post up more examples as I produce them, and I'm going to pass the spare along to Paz to see what he can devise with the tool.

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