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Post  Paz on Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:02 am

I thought it would be a good idea to do weekly infinity tactica threads, on little know or little used equipment and skills!

For this first run, we shall be doing:


EVO repeaters are networking and logistics machines, linking EVO teams to a hacker or group of hackers, to facilitate aid on the battlefield both defensively and aggressively.

EVO's are always mounted on a remote, generally at a lower cost band (around 13-18 pts). They do NOT have to be in the Hacker's combat group to function, so feel free to throw you EVO repeater in a secondary combat group if you need the space.

EVOs ave 4 abilities they can pass on to an active hacker, when he/she activates via an order (the hacker must choose one of these 4):

1. ICEBREAKER: When a hacker makes a hacking roll, he/she may halve the BTS (biotechnological shield) of the target). ooh la la, watch out heavy infantry!

2. CAPTURE: When trying to take over a TAG, it generally takes two rolls (one to immobilize, one to slave the TAG). with CONTROL, a hacker only needs to make one roll. ouchers.

3. SUPPORT HACKING: This allows all hackers on the field (in your army, but not necessarily same combat group) to add +3 per hacker to the hacking roll of the active hacker. With multiple hackers, this gets real gross, real fast. Heavy infantry, other hackers and TAGs, watch out!

4. TRAJECTORY ASSISTANCE: My personal favorite. If you are really dead set on landing a middling PHS combat jump unit into the back field, and he absolutely, positively needs to land, you can spend a whole order from a hacker to add +3 PHS to that unit. If you are doing a coordinated drop, it works for all units under the template! Tiger soldiers and wildcats, yuck!

EVOs have one other really nice ability. Normally, if someone is blasting your ballsacks off with guided missiles, you can attempt to use a hacker to mess up the missile's trajectory, as an ARO (no LoS needed) each time the enemy fires. Wuth an EVO on the table, you also shut down (if successful) the Forward Observers mark, and all further guided missiles fired that turn are auto destroyed with no roll needed as an ARO by the hacker!!!

Lastly, if your Hacker disturbs an enemy Drop (via a full order and a wip roll versus the enemy imaginary dropship at -9 bts) then you get to choose the dispersion location!

OOhhh gurrrlll. If you havent looked at an EVO, and you use hackers at all, then get thee to the infinity store young mayanet aficionado!!
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