Possible Astra Militarum list

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Possible Astra Militarum list

Post  Aegwymourn on Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:59 pm

So I've been thinking of revamping my IG/AM stuff for a while now. Trying to tinker around with what I own and turn it into something that resembles a good army. This is as close as I've been able to get it. Admittedly it was built with astronmicon in mind (and actually comps to 20/20) so some of the choices reflect that as well (the inquisitor with a venom talon for example).

HQ Company Command Squad 60
Kurov's Aquila, Vox-caster, Regimental Standard, Plasma gun x2 110
D.T. Chimera 65

Troop Infantry platoon
Platoon Comman Squad Melta Gun x4 70
Infantry squad x4 Lascannon x4, Vox-c. x1, M. B. x4, Plasma G. x4 365

Troop Veteran Squad Plasma Gun x3, Forward Sentries, Vox-Caster 120

Troop Veteran Squad Plasma Gun x3, Forward Sentries, Vox-Caster 120

Fast A. Vendetta 170

Hvy S. Leman Russ Executioner Hull Lascannon, Plasma Cannons, Dozer Blade 200

Hvy S. Wyvern 65

Fort. Aegis Defence Line 50

Allied Detachment - Inquisition

HQ Ordos Xenos Inquisitor 4 4 3 3 3 4 3 10 3+ 25
Scythian Venom Talon, Power Armor, Servo Skull x3, Rad Grenade, Psyker ML 1 77

Some points to how it plays. The big squad blobs up along with the Inquisitor. Gives them stubborn and LD 10, with a small chance at casting prescience as well. The Company command squad gives PE to the executioner and some of the vet squads hopefully. Along with his amazing orders he force multiplies quite a bit. The platoon command squad rides in the vendetta.

I'm not quite 100% about it yet. Would love to fit something with some counter punch in it, but don't know where to cut to get the points. I'm particularly irritated to have found out today that regular squad sergeants do not have the option for power fists. I had originally planned on giving them each one that would allow the blob a fair bit of close combat power (played them incorrectly against tom and they killed 6-7 plague marines over a turn or two in cc).
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