~Reports from the field; Talk about games you had!~

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~Reports from the field; Talk about games you had!~

Post  Paz on Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:02 am

Had two games yesterday with Ian, at a low points level of 125, Haqqislam Vanilla starter, Ian tried to different lists.

We quickly learned that Aleph, being an elite army, isn't very good at a low points level, while haqqislam, thanks to lots of low points troops, is.

Also, my Janissary (who I will be calling whatever 'master chief" is in arabic from now on) could not activate consoles to save his life, but was just a boss at shooting with dat ap rifle.

Had a game Tuesday against Colin, 300 pts. I brought the Hungry bomb with MaF, Colin brought some PanO and a Squalo TAG. Basically the Squalo crushed face with his Heavy grenade launcher and MULTI-HMG, and his Aquila Guard with MSV3 definitely slowed the advance of the hungry link team significantly (smoke, it does nothing!)

Anyone else had an interesting game lately?
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