Raine's Iron Warriors

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Re: Raine's Iron Warriors

Post  dusktiger on Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:29 pm

you know, i cant help but look at all your conversions, do the math on the cost of the models you use to do them, and realize buying the actual model is way cheaper


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Re: Raine's Iron Warriors

Post  Planes on Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:52 pm

You'd think that if you look at each in isolation, but with bit/kit spill over between projects, baring "time spent" as a cost, it comes out to less when you hash out the final math.

Two Forgefiends, for example, would normally come to $164 plus tax. A one Fiend and a Dreadknight, however, comes to $146.50, saving $17.50 right there. But then components from both those kits (baby-on-board termie, lasher tendrils) get combined with other bits on-hand to make a Warp Smith, valued by GW at $36, and generally turning out nicer in my opinion, bringing us to $53.50 better value than invested. And that's not even factoring other bits I have set aside to make other magnetized weapon options, such as the Heavy Conversion Beamer whom which the idea of I am flirting with.

Likewise, the cost of straight up buying a Decimator Daemon Engine (plus arms, those come separate) would be around $103 plus shipping, plus tariffs, plus wait time. Helbrute and a Sentinel? $101, plus tax, less league discount, and into my hands as soon as I pass money to Darren. Left over bits from the Helbrute will likely be combined with a second hand dread with some Green Stuff to yield a low-cost Helbrute conversion, and left overs from the Sentinel will go into a number of other projects as well, including making the chassis from the Manticore I got some time ago to part out to go into bikers into a Storm Chimera, with the Las Cannon being reserved for a weapon swap on the Dark Vengeance re-release. Another pauldron and the power scourge are likely to end up becoming a Magos as well, because why not.

To top it all off, I get to enjoy knowing that most of my conversions are unique and visually interesting, giving me great play value.

It might take me a while to get around to using everything, but everything will eventually be used.

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