Legion Crusade Army List book

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Legion Crusade Army List book

Post  dusktiger on Fri May 09, 2014 10:31 pm

so one of the B&C members who ordered the special edition copy of HH book 3 with all the extra goodies went through and posted all the changes he noticed in the legion army book compared to the original entries between the 3 isstvan books.

Crusade Army List Book - Rules change summaries

Most entries - ‘Unit Type’ updated/standardised (don’t forget sergeants get ‘character’)

Independent Characters
- ‘Independent Character’ added to special rules Applicable entries (inc. characters/command squad)
- add ‘Scimitar Pattern’ to ‘Jetbike’ model upgrade Applicable entries
- Adjusted SP’s to HP’s (super heavies)

Master of the Legion
- Orbital Assault Right of War bonus effect added: “Legion Rapier Weapons Batteries may select Legion Drop Pods as Dedicated Transports.”
- Orbital Assault Right of War limitation added: “All units that purchased Dedicated Transports must begin the game within them.

- Master of Signal point cost increased
- Moritat point cost increased

Legion Command Squad
- Legion Command Squads no longer have ‘Chosen Warriors’ rule

Legion Destroyer Squad
- Can take a Land Raider as a transport

Legion Terminator Squad
- Removed ‘Prototype Weaponry’ from special rules

Apothecarian Detachment
- Added various Legion-specific unit types to ones he can attach to.

Legion Dreadnought Talon
- Can take Dread Drop Pod as transport
- Added Volkite Culverin options to each arm

Legion Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
- Can take Dread Drop Pod as transport
- Added Volkite Culverin options to each arm
- Added Twin-linked Heavy Bolter to power fist arm

Legion Assault Squad
-Added Heavy Chainsword to sergeant equipment list.

Legion Tactical Support Squad
- Sergeant starts equipped as marines (flamer), can upgrade with them or change to melee items. having this clarified is nice, since now the special weapon sets they're selling make more sense; why sell in packs of 10 if only 9 can have them in a squad.
- Added Volkite Charger to squad weapon options.

Legion Reconnaissance Squad
- Added Single Lightning Claw to sergeant upgrades
- Added Hand Flamer to sergeant upgrades
- Added Volkite Serpenta to sergeant upgrades

Legion Jetbike Skyhunter Squadron
- Save improved from 3+ to 2+

Legion Land Speeder Squadron
- Added Volkite Culverin option

Deathstorm Drop Pod
- Added ‘Drop Pod Assault' as paid upgrade (note that it never had it before)

Legion Predator Strike Armour Squadron
- Heavy bolter sponsons cheaper
- Heavy flamer sponsons cheaper
- Lascannon sponsons much cheaper

Achilles-Alpha Pattern Land Raider
- Quad-mortar shatter shells reduced AP

Legion Tyhon Heavy Siege Tank
- Crushing weight rule adjusted to new Superheavy rules

Legion Malcador Assault Tank
- Added special rule to shoot a weapon and move Flat Out

Legion Thunderhawk Transporter
- Reduction in points
- Hull points from structure points equivalent loss of 3HP’s
- Rear armour value reduced to 10
- Added transport capacity of 15 models
- Added entries:
‘Illum Flares’
‘Distinctive Paint Scheme’
‘Ramjet Diffraction Grid’
‘Void-crafted Hull’ (increase rear armour to 12)

Legion Thunderhawk Gunship
- Significantly reduced points
- Hull points from structure points equivalent loss of 3HP’s
- Rear armour value reduced to 10
- Specific rules for transporting jump infantry and bikes
- Added 6 hellstrike missiles as included wargear
- Added Machine Spirit as included wargear
- Tubolaser cost vastly increased (originally 20 points)
- Can swap hellstrikes for cluster bombs at a cost
- Added entries:
‘Ramjet Diffraction Grid’
‘Void-crafted Hull’ (increase rear armour to 12
- Added void-crafted hull and turbolaser to special rules text
- Updated Thunderhawk Cannon and Cluster bomb rule
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Re: Legion Crusade Army List book

Post  Paz on Sat May 10, 2014 10:45 am

I'm most psyched about the change to Legion Tactical Support squads. Was gunna have to give my night lords sergeant a silly bolter, now I can give him a volkite caliver AND a night lords chain glaive.
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