horus heresy book 3 legion traits

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horus heresy book 3 legion traits

Post  dusktiger on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:51 pm

looking at what some of the traits iron warriors, alpha legion, imperial fists, and raven guard get in this book;  iron warriors get some neat ones, and after them, i get to alpha legion. holy shit.

mutable tactics:  at the time of choosing your warlord trait, choose one of the following rules.  this rule is given to every unit with the "Legion Astartes (Alpha Legion)" rule in your army for the duration of the game.
Scout, Infiltrate, Tank-hunters, Counter-Attack, Move Through Cover, Adamantium Will.

that means every infantry unit you field in the army.  no vehicles, just the infantry.  that said, any one of those army-wide would be incredible.
i can see some nasty builds being made with alpha legion.

and if you field their Rite of War (for those not reading up on 30k rules, these are like an advanced chapter trait for the legion, with a few army wide buffs, but also a few restrictions, ranging from what you can field, to forcing some must-purchase units/characters in order to benefit), they get to pick one special squad that's restricted to another legion, and take it as an elite choice.

i think i might do imperial fists though.  i wanted to hold off til i read them cause i want to field mainly MK3 armor, and so far i like their rules and some of the alternate color schemes the show them with.

these are the basic, always have these, rules for the fists:
Disciplined Fire: Bolters, Bolt Pistols, Heavy Bolters, Quad Heavy Bolters, Combi-Weapons firing the bolter side, all fire at +1 BS.  Heavy Support Squads also gain Tank Hunters.
Blood and Honour: characters must issue a challenge, but get to re-roll failed to-hit rolls in a challenge.
Unshakable Defense: gain Stubborn when claiming cover/fighting from fortifications and barricades.
The Bitter End: in random length games, the fist player can decide to play through a full 6 turns without having to roll instead of rolling to see if the game ends.

Rite of War rules:

  • a unique fast attack unit, Phalanx Warders, become troop choices.
  • any model bearing a boarding shield or storm shield within coherency of 2+ other models also bearing either of these, becomes +1 toughness.  the bonus is negated if you ran, charges, or sweeping advanced that turn.
  • any model bearing a boarding shield or storm shield within coherency of 2+ other models also bearing either of these, gain Hammer of Wrath.


  • compulsory 2 troop choices must be breacher squads.
  • the army cannot deploy via deep strike, and thus any units that deploy via only deep strike, may not be fielded in the army.
  • the army's total count of fast and elite choices cannot exceed the total count of troop choices taken.  ie; if you take 3 troops, then the total combined number of either elites, or fast attack, or combination of the 2, is 3.
  • with the exception of a Champion, the army is limited to a single Consul choice in the HQ Slot. (Consul's are your chaplains, forge lords, champions, librarians, master apothecaries, master of signals, and moritats)

they also have some cool unique wargear:
Vigil Pattern Storm Shields; any terminator, including characters, can swap their combi-bolter for a 3++ shield for 15 points.  if they're in cataphractii armour, its just 10pts.
Solarite Power Gauntlets; any independant character that can purchase a thunder hammer can take this for the same point cost as the hammer.  its a power fist that's Str x2, AP 1, Master-crafted, Unwieldy
Teleportation Transponder: any terminator squad can gain deep strike for the whole squad for 15pts.  independent characters in terminator armour can gain it for 10pts.
Prototype Weapon: Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon.  24" Str 6 Ap 4 Heavy 4, Rending, Malfunction - rolling 3 or 4 1's to hit in a single shooting phase causes the gun to malfunction and no longer fire for the rest of the game.  oddly enough, it states either imperial fists, or blood angels, can take this gun to replace a terminator squad's heavy flamer for +5pts.  the fluff for the cannon states their 2 legions were fieldtesting the weapon at the outset of the heresy.

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