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Post  Rhaevyn on Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:50 am

So.. as just a thought exercise.

3 lemus russes .. of whatever flavour you like. Placed relatively close to each other to present the AV 14 facing. 3 enginseers, one with a max unit of servitors all group up. The three dudes provide machine spirit to the russes so they can fire off their lascannons at different targets to their primaries. Also, all three get Full Benefit for having max servitors "in their group" so all three enginseers can auto-repair every turn.

if you want to get really dumb about it, you can make all 5 servitors plasma- cannon dudes and blast some stuff down, the rules don't say they have to actually help the enginseers do anything, only that they need to be in the same group.

Add Primaris for ld 9/Prescience to taste.

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