new guard codex; changes from 5th to 6th codex

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new guard codex; changes from 5th to 6th codex

Post  dusktiger on Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:22 pm

figured this was worth doing for those not buying the book but curious what kind of changes the army gets.

quoted from a similar thread on B&C:

-company command squad went up 10 pts without getting any upgrades for it. some nice warlord traits though, 1 resembling creeds old ability to outflank some units.
-tank command upgrade makes 1 tank a HQ tank. the tank dedicated orders are pretty "meh" IMO. this upgrade costs 3 times as much as the upgrade cost you pay for an armored battalion command tank...I  still firmly believe the armored battalion list will be better.
-primaris psykers became cheaper and do not take up a force org slot
-conscripts lost tchenkov...
-veterans; still 3 special weapons (fixed)
-no more penal legion.
-ogryns still as expensive as they were.don't think they've made them really a viable option.
-bullgryns, even more expensive, but good at providing cover for your tanks, at a very steep price though.
-Storm trooper/militarum tempestus platoons pretty "meh" IMO
-scout sentinels: cheaper weapon upgrades. I expect the outflanking lascannon to be popular.
-armored sentinels: lost the EA, but became much cheaper now!
-Valkyries and vendettas, the one became cheaper, the other more expensive. sponsons became more expensive too.
-leman russes: became significantly cheaper! especially the vanquisher, punisher, exterminator, eradicator, executioner, and punisher! heavy bolter sponsons went up in price though. unfortunately no special ammo though, as seen in the armored battalion army list.
-hydras: still no interceptor...
-no more medusas, griffons or colossus.
-wyvern, meh
-manticore became more expensive.

-Veterans may still take 3 special if they don't take the Heavy Flamer.
-Bodyguards are gone except for Kell and Nork.
-Astropaths are LD7
-Vox no longer allows rerolls when issuing orders to the officer's own unit.
-Orders can now be in any order, no longer have to use all your company command squads first.
-For Tanith players, I'll just point out that the new guard relic powersword has the exact same stats as Gaunt's Sword of Heironymo

Lost CCS bodyguards
Regimental advisors must choose CCW or laspistol
Regimental advisors lost combat gear options (carapace armour, etc.)
Fleet officer must test to use his abilities
SWS: take a demo charge and lose your lasgun
Priests: lost shotgun and eviscerator
Harker: lost stealth and infiltrate

SWS grenades
Potential for massed psykers (lots of Div, though low Ld)
Fleet officer gained the astropath’s ability
Astropath became a genuine psyker
Priest: plasma gun option
Camo cloaks renamed camo `gear` (a small point but I really like it)
Harker: relentless now does confer to his squad. But what heavy weapon to give them?
Ratlings: shoot sharp and scarper. Sneaky sneaky!
Camo netting: cheaper and not restricted by movement. Better than enclosed cabin?
LR Executioner gained Gets Hot on the turret cannon
Lost three artillery pieces
Lost ability to mix artillery within one squadron
Deathstrike became easier to launch
Enginseers can grant PotMS

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