Red Scorpions vs Chaos/Crimson Slaughter/Tau

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Red Scorpions vs Chaos/Crimson Slaughter/Tau

Post  dusktiger on Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:26 am

top of turn 1; mark kills a predator, and removes a total of 6 HPs off my Fellblade (half its total HP)

bottom of turn 1; fellblade kills 2 railgun broadsides at the edge of the board, puts a wound on the riptide, and kills 3 marines with the big gun. Divination on Chaos marines is soooo OP!

top of turn 2; Fellblade has lost 2 HP.  drop pod squad has lost 2 basics and the sergeant. a rhino has exploded. a razorback has been wrecked.

bottom of turn 2; Fellblade wipes out the missile broadsides, and half the chaos marine squad. drop pod squad assaults cultists in the ruins.

top of turn 3; riptide assaults fellblade. possessed assault the tactical squad.

bottom of turn 3; fellblade moves forward and kills remaining railgun broadside. wipes out obliterators on the hill.  honour guard and sevrin join assault with the possessed.

top of turn 4; Fellblade is destroyed, causing a Titanic Explosion. riptide is caught in the blast, but weathers it out. it has 1 wound remaining at this point. chaos marines assault predator and wreck it. helbrute joins assault with possessed, where the champion has turned into a spawn.

bottom of turn 4; remaining rhino has deployed and fire into the chaos marines.  the helbrute was destroyed, and only the spawn remains. drop pod unit has taken over the objective in the ruins. shoots and kills an HQ sitting on the hill.

Top of turn 5; Forgefiend assaults drop pod unit. riptide assaults tactical squad. spawn assault continues.
bottom of turn 5; no photo; spawn was slain, objective secured. assaults at the remaining 2 contested objectives continues.  rolled end of game.

i hold 1 VP for an objective, plus 1 VP for Linebreaker, plus 1 for the Obliterators (big guns never tire).  reading the recent posts that formations treat their models as their usual FOC slot for how they award VP, i would also have +2 VP for the broadside units. total: 5

mark holds 0 objectives, but contests 2. he's taken 1 VP for First Blood vs a predator. plus 2 VP for both predators being killed. he gained 1 VP for Linebreaker. finally, 4 VP for my Fellblade. total: 8

thoughts; tau have no trouble against super heavies. ergo why they have none.  forgefiends with hades autocannons are also great vs super heavies. the warlord traits you gain for not having a super heavy are mostly pathetic and highly situational at best.  the awarding of 1 VP per 3 HPs puts super heavies with high HP values that dont take a Destroyer weapon at a bit of a disadvantage.  the tank certainly made its points back before being destroyed (560pt tank killed ~720pts?), but those 4 VP it gave mark were what ultimately gave him the final win for VPs.

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