Battle of the Beasts

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Battle of the Beasts

Post  Planes on Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:32 pm

So apparently there is another Warhammer tournament running up in Edmonton in March. While it is only Fantasy this time around, there is a nifty twist they gave it that my brain immediately took into the silly extremes.

Core event info post:!/events/381428778661232/?fref=ts

And here's the nifty twist:

Battle of the Beasts wrote:Best Rule:
Monsters may be taken from any GW supported book (see above) and taken as a mount for a lord. Just pay the points and stay within section percentage requirements.
If you mix undead and living components then if you lose combat you apply the crumbling first and then apply any remaining combat res difference to the break test. Example: A goblin warboss on a zombie dragon with 3 wounds losses combat by 4. The zombie dragon crumbles and then the goblin warboss takes a break test at -1.

So you can have your Lord ride whatever the heck you want, providing it fits in the points. Where it gets silly is that a Daemon Prince is a Lord choice for the Daemon book, as well as being a Monster. You can run a Daemon Prince RIDING another Daemon Prince.

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