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Post  Rhaevyn on Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:44 pm

Have some orks to get rid of. my son was going to build an army until he realized just how many orks he would have to paint.


2x Assault on Blackreach]kits.
-40 boys
-10 Nobs
-2 Warboss /w Klaws

1/2 of these are Primed Army Painter red. we wuz goin for evil sunz orks.

-2 Trucks. One NIB, celophane still on, One built, but unprimed
-5 Lootas, built. have the bits to make them burna boys which i'll throw in. (could probably make 5 burna boyz out of some regular boys and these bits)

all for the low low price of $175. Good starting set, and the ork book iz coming! Would rather get rid of all of it instead of pieces.

PS:Will throw in the Ork Codex as well. though it will probably become obsolete in a couple months. Nice to have on the shelf!

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