Raukann Iron Hands VS 30K Iron Hands. Begin!

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Raukann Iron Hands VS 30K Iron Hands. Begin!

Post  dusktiger on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:18 am

so last night me and dan tried a 30k vs 40k list of iron hands to see how the two compare.  my list is in the spoiler tag below.  i cant recall everything dan had since some were special characters, so i'll let him reply with what he had.

Raukann List:

Total Roster Cost: 1998 of 2000

Iron Father Epistolary Lydriik (Librarian)
Epistolary, Mindforge Stave, The Gorgon's Chain
Iron Father Kristos (Master of the Forge)
The Iron Stone
Servitors (4)
2 Heavy Bolters

Ironclad Dreadnought
2 hunter-killer missiles, Chainfist, Drop Pod
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought
dual Kheres Assault Cannons
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought
dual Twin-linked Autocannons, Cyclone Launcher

Tactical Squad (9)
Grav-gun, Power Fist, Grav-pistol, Veteran Sergeant, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10)
Grav-gun, Multi-Melta, Grav-pistol, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (5)
Heavy Bolter
Tactical Squad (8.)
Missile Launcher

Heavy Support
Scorpius Whirlwind
Scorpius Whirlwind
Ironclad Dreadnought
2 hunter-killer missiles, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

so, highlights of the army's differences between then and now:
Raukann army has army wide 6+ FNP, and a 5+ IWND on vehicles, walkers, and characters.
30K army has a special rule that when shooting at them, all your weapons are treated as -1 strength, and i think vehicles had a 6+ IWND.

the 40k army did remarkably well, and wiped out a fairly large chunk of the 30k one.  the ironclads dropped in and each fired on a scorpius whirlwind dan had (2 total), and knocked them around pretty badly.  he eventually killed them off, but by then he'd lost a fair chunk of his army to them.  about half ways in, the 2 troop squads with 6+ invul shields were wiped out to a single squad of 2 behind his aegis line.  he outflanked 2 rhinos with bolter squads in them. one got wrecked by my autocannon contemptor, forcing its unit out.  they moved forth and killed my 5 man heavy bolter squad off their objective.  the other rhino unit was moving in on my 8 man unit, and i was at risk of losing my home objective.  my scorpius whirlwinds opened up on that unit and killed them off. (sigh of relief). my troop pod dropped beside the one that wiped out my 5 man unit and managed to wreak hell on them, leaving my able to claim my home objective with the 8 man unit since it was within 6", and have the pod unit move to a nearby one.

for my losses, i had my kheres contemptor fall, the 5 man unit die, i lost 3 of my servitors (servo arm and 2 heavy bolters), both ironclads, a couple troopers from the pod with my librarian. 

scorpius whirlwinds are crazy good.  they have this rule that in addition to being a Str 8 AP 3 heavy 1 3" blast, barrage weapon, if the scorpius didnt move that turn, it becomes heavy D3+1 shots instead.  these did insanely good and helpd out alot when they werent scattering way off the mark.

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