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League Champion

Post  System Commander on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:11 pm

Well, another league has come to a close, and even though it cost him multiple beers and a dinner, Ivan was able to buy himself a championship title. Congrats to Ivan!

All joking aside, Ivan's quest for the championship has been a culmination of many leagues now, and after facing Cam in the finals multiple times, he can finally bath in the glory of being an honored champion, so congrats Ivan!

It was an odd championship round, I'll say that much. In the 4 armies that made it to the semi-finals, there were a total of 7 demon princes. Ouch.. that's just nasty. I think the next burn around here I'll hang the prince up for a bit. I really want to take my hand at running the Grey Knights again and smashing some stuff with my landraiders.

For each of our contributions in this round of chaos dominated finals, I would like to give Ivan, Cam, Greg and me the moniker of cheese monkey for the next week. Actually, Greg's list was pretty tame. And even though I did have two demon princes, I did lack the Greater Demon choice Cam and Ivan fielded. Cheese monkeys for all of us!

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Re: League Champion

Post  Administratum on Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:26 pm

Jesus, that is one nasty looking monkey. I just hope no one tried to take that cheeze from him.

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