CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

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CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:10 am

The Lists ====

2x5xAvengers in Waveserpents
Wraithknight with Suncannon
Tau Commander w\ 2xMissile Pods, FnP, Target Lock, Talisman
Riptide with Burst, Missiles, BS2 Overwatch, Skyfire, Earth Caste Pilot Array
3xSuits with Knife, 2xFusion Guns each


Nurgle Lord on a Bike
Plague Marines * 6, 2xPlasma Guns
Bezerkers * 8, Champ with a Lightning Claw
3xNurgle Spawn
2xLandRaiders with Dozer Blades and Dirge Casters
Black Legion Nurgle Sorcerer with Gift of Yuranthos & Termy armour, Familiar
2x10 Cultists

(I might have the break down of allies wrong for Rob's army)


Mission. BAO Purge the Alien (4pts), Scouring (3pts), Vanguard Strike

Warlord Traits: Asurman, One use Stealth and +1" Run
Kharne has Hatred (Everything)
Psychic Shenanigans: Farseer| Guide, Prescience, Forewarning (You'd think I picked 'em!)
Nurgle Dude (forgot about rolling on Nurgle! Didn't matter anyway): Ironarm, Life Leech, Enfeeble, Sunburst

Deployment, Eldar Deploy first. 20 Guardians in the middle, joined by Farseer and commander. Riptide in behind, surrounded by Ruins. Wraithknight off to the side, bookended by Serpents. Suits in Reserve

CSM Deploy Second. Bike Lord joins Spawn at the front, 'Zerkers in Landraider, Plague Marines in the other Raider, joined by Sorcerer. Cultists behind the 'Zerker Land Raider, other cultists in reserve.

Objective Breakdown. 3pts outside the far right corner of CSM zone, 1 point just outside left, 3 points in the middle ruins, 2 points in back corner forest of each deployment, and a 1 pointer in some rocks in far-right middle.

CSM Attempt to Seize and Fail.

Turn Summary to come (I have to go to a party!)
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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:18 am

I got time for turn one...

Eldar go first ====

Forewarning goes off on the Guardian Blob.
Prescience on the Guardian Blob
Guide on the Riptide
Riptide Nova's it's Heavy Burst Cannon

Guardians move up the middle, with Asurman in front.
Wraithknight follows suit.
Wave Serpents move up each flank.

Shooting phase

Wave Serpent opens up on Spawn & Bike Lord, killing 1.67 spawn. Tau Lord kills the other one, puts a wound on the final spawn. Wraithknight opens up, gets 2 wounds on scatter lasers.... one hit and zero wounds with the Suncannon (O_O)

Riptide fires his Burst Cannon at the 'Zerker Landraider, scores a shaken and an Immobalized result, takes a Gets Hot wound.
Other Wave Serpent Turbo Boosts.

CSM Turn One ==

Plague Marine Landraider moves up, Bike Lord Moves Up.
Land-raiders both open up on the Riptide. Full BS raider scores 2 lascannon hits and 3 heavy bolter hits, 1 lascannon wound and 2 HB wounds. Riptide fails the lascannon (3 wounds remaining). Snapfiring Landraider scores 2 lascannon hits, 2 HB hits, scores 2 HB wounds and 1 lascannon wound. Riptide fails 2 saves (1 wound left!).

On to Turn Two! (later!)
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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  System Commander on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:33 am

I dont want to interrupt Marks uncanny recollection of the game.. but ill just say one thing. We have bizarre games..Theres the  odd game where Mark blows me off the table in a turn or two.. but typically its a weird game. Things that should happen... wont. Things that really shouldnt happen .. do. They make for some unforgettable and ridiculously fun games.. thats for sure.
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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:47 pm

Eldar Turn 2 ===

Prescience on the Guardian Blob
Forewarning on the Guardian Blob
Guide on the Riptide (1 wound left)

Riptide Nova Reactor's his Burst Cannon... and FAILS! re-roll due to Earth Caste Pilot array.... Success! *phew*

Crisis Suits fail to come on.

Wave Serpents move up the side.
Wraith Knight moves into the middle.

Riptide shoots and the Landraider, killing it (no explosion) but has to roll a gets hot save... he makes it! (First Blood for the Eldau!) The Bezerkers disembark.
Wraithknight runs! *roar*
Wave Serpent opens up on some cultists, kills 2. Other wave serpent turbo boosts (no in the middle of the board on the CSM board edge)

Tau suit can't see anything!

CSM Turn 2===

Heldrake arrives!
Sorcerer Iron-Arm's himself for +3 S/T (with his power maul, that makes him S9!)

Plauge Marine Landraider moves up 6", plague marines get out. The Beserkers move towards the center, 8" away from the Guardian blob.
The Heldrake comes in, flies over a Wave Serpent (causes one glancing hit) and then parks himself by the Guardian blob (BBQ Elves!)

Shooting. Sorcerer opens up the Last Memory of Yuranthos. 4D6 deny the witch for the guardian blob, they fail! One guardian dies in the ensuing maelstrom, they pass their blind check. The Heldrake opens up, attempts to BBQ 7 Eldar! 6/7 4++ saves were made.

The Plague Marines shoot plasma at the Wraith Knight, inflicting one wound, but it's saved! (everyone makes blind checks, including the plague marines!)
The Landraider shoots and kills the Riptide (*sadface*)

Then, the charges happen. The Beserkers charge in.... I start to gather up dice for Overwatch ... but DIRGE CASTER! No overwatch for me.

The 'Zerkers need to re-roll with their banner, and succeed, the Nurgle Lord and Spawn also run on in.

The 'Zerker Champion issues a challenge. Asurman cuts him in half.
Then Kharne, the Nurgle Lord, and the Beserkers take out ~13 Guardians. No other casualties caused. Eldar stay as Asurman is fearless.

The plague marines charge into the Wraithknight. The Sorcerer is up first. He swings, 3 hits, two wounds, and I fail one 3+ save. Then the WraithKnight is Force Weaponed *DONK*

They consolidate back a bit closer to their landraider and the 3pt objective in the ruins.

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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:06 pm

Eldar Turn 3====

The Suits Arrive.

Guide the Suits
Prescience the Guardian Blob
Forewarning.... FAILS on an 11!

Wave Serpent moves to get rear-arc on the Heldrake.
The Other serpent moves back, but lines up a shot at some cultists that just came on the far right CSM corner to walk towards the 3pt objective (I failed to mention them in CSM turn 2! They walked in.... dramatically).

Suits open up on the Plague Marine Landraider, blowing it up into a pile of slag after scoring 3 pens and rolling 5 (+2) on the damage results.
Wave Serpent opens up on the Heldrake. Scatter laser scores 2 hits, Shuriken Cannon scores 1, shield scores 4 hits! Results is 3 glances and 2 pens. 2 glances saved, the Drake is removed (after killing only 1 guardian!)

The other Waveserpent kills a handful of cultists, and they run! but are still 1" away from the board edge!

Assault phase, the suits move 10" away from the plague marines.

The Big Combat, Asurman issues a challenge, Nurgle Lord on Bike accepts! Asurman gets 4 hits ... zero wounds. Nurgle Lord swings, gets 3 hits, 3 wounds, Asurman makes 3 saves. Kharne swings, killing 3 'zerkers! removes another handful of guardians. Tau Commander wiffs, 'zerkers kill the rest of the guardains, except for 1! Spawn wiffs.

CSM Turn 3 ===

Sorcerer Iron Arms for +1
Sorcerer Enfeebles the Suits (down to T3!)
Cultists move up to shoot pistols and the suits. Plague Marines roll difficult terrain, get a 6" move, and move towards the suits.

Shooting, 1 plasma's in double range of the suits, he opens up, as does the other plasma, completely obliterating the suits with 3 hits, 3 wounds... no saves.
Sorcerer's Last Memory is shot, but the 4D6" deny the Witch is made.

The Assault!
Kharne Swings, killing 3 more 'zerkers! Thanks Kharne! Asurman wiffs on the Nurgle Lord, Nurgle Lord scores two wounds! Leftover Guardian fails his Toughness test, but the Tau Commander passes his, as does Asurman (1 wound left!)
Kharnes hits get LoS'd to the Tau Commander, which takes 2 total wounds. The Tau Commander kills the Spawn. Only Characters remain!

Eldar Turn 4===

Forewarning + Prescience on the Characters. Guide remains uncast.

The Dire Avengers pop out of both wave serpents, as the wave serpents position to shoot the plague marine unit. One unit of avengers moves towards the 3pt far corner objective. The other moves towards the 2pt forest corner objective.

Wave serpents open up, both on the plague marine unit, destroying *all* the plague marines and inflicting a wound on the Sorcerer!

The Combat! Asurman gets a wound on the Nurgle Lord, but he passes his LD check to avoid insta-gibbing! He's then killed by the mace! (we forgot to roll on the table! *oops*)
Kharne finishes off the Tau Commander and Farseer. They consolidate their faces!

CSM Turn 4==

Sorcerer Ironarms for +2

Cultists move towards the 2pt objective.

Kharn and the Nurgle Lord move towards the wave serpent.

Sorcerer opens up the Last Memory, in range of the Dire Avengers, kills 4! -- They Run away!

Nurgle Lord charges into the serpent, inflicting a glancing hit! Kharn fails his charge against the serpent, stands there all derpy.
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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:13 pm

Eldar turn 5====

No more Psychic shenanigans :-(

The lone avenger rallies on snake-eyes and consolidates behind the ruins so he can make a dash for the 3pt objective if there's a turn 6.

Wave Serpent moves back away from the bike lord.
Other Serpent moves to shoot at cultists at the 2pt forest objective in the CSM zone.

Wave Serpent Obliterates Kharne, the other Serpent kills all but one cultist, who stays! but is pinned and out of range of the objective.
Dire Avengers shoot at Nurgle Lord, accomplish nothing, battle focus back towards the objective.

CSM turn 5====

Sorcerer iron-arms at +3, moves towards serpent.

Sorcerer casts Last Memory, hitting the Serpent (no effect) and kills the heroic dire avenger!

Nurgle Lord embarrasses the other 5 dire avengers with his black mace.
Sorcerer charges into the Wave Serpent, and turns it into a cube like a car-crushing machine.

== Game Continues on a roll of 5 ==

Last Wave Serpent opens up on cultists, killing them.

CSM have nothing to do... Game ends on a roll of 2.

CSM Win on Kill Points == 4pts
Eldar Win on Scouring (Heldrake and Spawn unit) == 3pts
Eldar scored first blood and slay the warlord. 2pts
CSM scored slay the Warlord and line breaker. 2pts

Final score, CSM Victory 6-5!

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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Roland on Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:13 pm

Ze Back n forth... she make-a my head spin!!!!

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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

Post  Spamus Eatus on Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:15 pm

Those are the best kinds of games Very Happy
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Re: CSM (System Commander) vs Eldar (Lore Weaver)

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