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The princes

Post  System Commander on Thu Sep 18, 2008 2:12 pm

Well, with all our duel prince lists making the rounds in the league, I think I'm going to put my big guys in the bucket for awhile and try out something new.

The new white dwarf came out (and it's awesome) with new marine stuff, and and a big battle report between 6 armies. The chaos guy there was running a heavy infantry list with two lords on foot each with daemon weapons. That sounds like fun to me.. especially with two bloodfeeders. For those that dont know, the khorne demon weapon gives +2d6 attacks.. that in addition to his profile attacks. Downfall, if you roll a one on any of the two dice, you get no attacks that rounds. So, a gamble indeed, but the payoffs is mega awesome. So I'm going to try that for awhile. With the fists going down to one attack and with the increased chances of that fist dying before he can do anything, I think it's worth a try.

I'm going to run one in terminator armor to hang with a squad of Khorne terminators and then I'll toss one on wings and have him run around with some raptors. Beyond that I'm thinking 3 units of berserkers in rhinos, another squad of terminators to deep strike, 2 oblits, and then two packs of lesser demons and maybe even a greater demon for the extra surprise. This should give me an all Khorne list with alot of scary hand to hand potential. It's got definite weaknesses, but it sure looks like fun!

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