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locked Velocity

Post  Rhaevyn on Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:15 pm

So around here we have been playing locked velocity as you have to move the exact same speed for the rest of the game, IE.  if you moved 18 inches last phase, then you need to only ever move 18" every move phase for the rest of the game.

I'm not sure this is correct. From my reading, it just means that you cannot change modes anymore, as in, you have to continue Zooming for the remainder of the game and cannot go into hover mode. its not exactly clear.

The rules mention Combat speed and Cruising speed and defines them as 18" and 36 ",  since a zooming flyer must move at least 18" it can only be considered at combat speed if it moves Exactly 18 inches. but anything from 18.1 inches and 36 inches would be considered Cruising speed? hence if a flyer was in locked velocity that had moved 18.1 to 36 inches would have to continue to be in "cruising speed" for the rest of the game. which is still a large range of movement?

Locked Velocity
If a Zooming Flyer suffers an Immobilized result, its velocity is
locked. A Flyer with Locked Velocity cannot change speed
for the rest of the game, but must continue to Zoom at either
Combat Speed or Cruising Speed (whichever it was using when
it suffered the Immobilized result). Once a Flyer's velocity is
locked, it cannot Evade and cannot move Flat Out. A Flyer
with Locked Velocity can still Turn before it moves as normal
and if it leaves the board will enter Ongoing Reserves as normal.
the above being said, i can't find any advantage to a zooming flyer moving at combat speed other than perhaps allowing passengers embarked to fire from any firepoints said flyer might have? (an example of which i couldn't come up with)

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