got the apoc book

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got the apoc book

Post  dusktiger on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:11 pm

so, new/revised apoc formations!  the new book essentially makes the old one void and pointless.  everything that was pre-existing has either had point reductions, new rules added, or existing ones changed.  theres a whole section on all new weapon blast template sizes; you'll need the new set. there's a big pie one, and its way bigger than the old set; 15" in fact.  it has 3 sizes denoted on it, 5" 15" and 15", which many of the weapons that use this will have a varying profile for as you get into each wider zone.  example: if you take the masters of the chapter formation, before you got an orbital bombardment Asset Card. it was a slightly larger one the chapter master normally gets.  this new one is a range infinite, Str D/8/6 AP 1/4/- blast. each level of the blast uses the next profile strength down every 5" away from the centre you get.

some formations of note:
Legionnaire Warband - 1 Chaos Lord, 3+ Troop units, 2+ Elite Units, and then an infinite number of additional units from the HQ, Fast, or Heavy slots after that.  special rule for the formation is that if they're in melee with a loyalist marine army, they re-roll failed To Hit rolls EVERY turn, and every one of their units become Fearless if within 12" of a loyalist marine unit, so no more running like little girls.  Restrictions: every unit you choose MUST pay for Veterans Of The Long War, if it doesnt have this option, it cant be a part of the formation.  If the Lord is carrying a mark, every unit has to purchase the matching mark if they can.

Heldrake Fear Squadron - 3 to 5 drakes.  special rules include being able to use the Daemonforge rule EVERY turn. still have to roll the D6 for hullpoint loss at the end of the phase though.  They also start placed on the board on turn 1 like a normal unit, and get to make a pre-game 60" move before turn 1 starts.  they may also do an out-of-sequence vector strike during this 60" move.

The Lost and The Damned - 1+ Dark Apostle and 6+ units of Cultists.  the cultists gain Feel No Pain and Furious Charge.

Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad - 3-5 Wraithknights.  add the current number of models in the formation to the move distance, charge distance, WS, and BS.  so if there's 5, they get to move 11", charge 2D6+5", etc.


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Re: got the apoc book

Post  Planes on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:48 am

I must admit that I am rather curious to find out what 'Nids get in that book. Also, is there a FoC for Apoc now, or it is all just formations?

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