little deathwing army

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little deathwing army

Post  dusktiger on Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:51 am

so i decided to put some termy models i got into use since they havent seen a tabletop in a while, and to make use of the ones in the DV set.  so far i got the following for my little deathwing collection, which im gonna paint up as Disciples of Caliban cause i like that glowy green edged look they have with the black armor.

Dark Angels Roster - Deathwing Army
Composition Report:
HQ: 1 (1 - 2)
Elite: 1 (0 - 3)
Troops: 3 (2 - 6)

Total Roster Cost: 1140

  1 Belial, 190 pts

  • Storm Bolter & Sword of Silence

  5 Deathwing Knights, 235 pts

  5 Mixed Pattern Terminators, 250 pts

  • Power Fist & Storm Bolter & Cyclone Missile Launcher
  • Power Fist & Storm Bolter
  • Lightning Claws (pair)
  • Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
  • Power Sword & Storm Bolter

  5 Tartaros Pattern Terminators, 230 pts

  • Storm Bolter & Power Fist
  • Storm Bolter & Power Fist
  • Storm Bolter & Power Fist
  • Heavy Flamer & Power Fist
  • Power Sword & Storm Bolter

  5 Dark Vengeance Terminators, 235 pts

  • Storm Bolter & Power Fist
  • Storm Bolter & Power Fist
  • Storm Bolter & Power Fist
  • Plasma Cannon & Power Fist
  • Power Sword & Storm Bolter

im thinking i might get one more squad, and make it out of cataphractii armour.  the FW armor sets are somewhat limiting what special weapons go on them due to the lack of options at a good price, but its more a fun project than anything to do on the side, so im not too concerned about that.  that squad would probably be just powerfist dudes, and maybe have one converted to hold a plasma cannon, maybe even one with a hammer and shield since they give you the right kind of arms to do that conversion easily.

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Re: little deathwing army

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:32 am

Love the Terminator Volume of the list.

I'd say add in some bikers for teleport homer, and some long range guns, and should be a solid army.


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