A Tale of Two Rollers

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A Tale of Two Rollers

Post  Lore Weaver on Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:10 am

Gavin and I had a game last night.

I took a bit of a silly list (Kairos, lvl 3 355 pt Daemon Prince, Ahriman, T-Sons), which was compounded by some fascinating mathematical anomalies.

Turn 1) Cast Boon on Daemon Prince, roll perils (double 6) use Kairos to re-roll a 6, spell goes off, Daemon Prince turns into a Spawn.
Kairos Flies up to beam and destroy some bunched up tanks. Passes the Infernal Gateway test, rolls "5" for strength. Fails the Psychic Test on the Beam.

Turn 2) Heldrakes come in, Vector Strike Kairos to death. Well, he lived temporarily, but had to use a re-roll to not die, then failed a grounding check, took a wound, then failed his invul save.

Daemon Prince that spawned out was also Warp Tethered, so he came back in and life-leeched to regain a wound! Maybe things will turn around! Not to be, Heldrakes Vectored him out of the sky as well. A sad day for FMC kind.

=== While this is going on, Gavin's Bike Lord gets into Close Combat with Ahriman === Ahriman gets 2 hits, two wounds, Gavin makes both saves, Gavin hits back with two hits, one wound, Ahriman is gibbed. Gavin also gibs the Asp Champ. Gets +1 T and +1 W (Now T7 and 4 wounds)


Turn 3, the Pink Horrors Beam through a couple tanks. My fisty Claw champion kills the plague marine seargent.... then.... Turns into a SPAWN!


MvP of the match on my team, the Pink Horrors. They more than made their points! *laughs* A not terrible list where the dice just decided to shit the bed. It's like... immediately following deployment my dice were like, ahahahaha fuck you buddy!

Still a fun game, Pink horrors beaming through Rhino's at S10-9-8 was fun. Also, I managed to doom bolt a rhino and get an 8" explosion radius which killed a plague marine!
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Re: A Tale of Two Rollers

Post  System Commander on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:15 pm

Ive had just odd games, including the dice.. while.playing daemons.

Its frustrating as all hell.. but it does make things a bit funny.

Against Dan a few weeks back.. we were having a tense game and its.coming down the wire. I think turn 5 i rolled boxcars on the warpstorm table.. free daemons! I then rolled 12 dudes to come in.. awesome. I was giddy with excitement si ce i didnt have much left. Deepstriked them in, scattered 9 inches, mishapped then rolled a 1. As quick as i got them, they were destroyed.... *Sigh*

Athough i will admit that pales in comparison to turning.your lev 3 prince into a spawn.. hehe
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