Funzies CSM & Daemons

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Funzies CSM & Daemons

Post  Lore Weaver on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:45 am

Based off an experiment I ran on Beau this weekend, the boons are coming out to play.

The idea of this list is to cast Boon of Mutation on a Daemon Prince a whole bunch of times then send him into combat. Kairos Fateweaver gives me a re-roll should I need one (no spawns please!). I don't think I'd take this list to a tournament, but I could see this DP getting pretty ridiculous. Against Beau he was 5 Wounds, It will not Die, FnP, Hatred, and something else that didn't matter (Stubborn or +1WS). He also rolls twice on Biomancy (Warp Speed, Iron Arm, Life Leech, and Endurance are all pretty good for him).

Against Beau he wiped out Belial and about 6 terminators before dice rolls got the better of him. He can either take the Grimoire of True Names, the Portal Glyph (if I need scoring), or the Glory Seeker sword. On the Greater table, he takes what he rolls, unless it's the 3+ armour, which he swaps for the sword that turns characters into Chaos Spawn.


1. Ahriman 230
2. Sorcerer 60
Mark of Tzeentch 15
Aura of Dark Glory 15
Scrolls of Magnus 45
Level 3 50
Spell Familiar 15
= 200

Total = 430


1. 10xThousand Sons 150+115
Icon 15
= 280

2. 5x Thousand Sons = 150

Troops = 430

Fast Attack---

1. Heldrake with Baleflamer = 170

Fast Attack = 170

Army Total = 1030

Allies - Daemons -

HQ: Kairos Fateweaver 300
Troops: 10xPink Horrors 90
Heavy: Daemon Prince 145
Tzeentch 25
Exalted 30, Greater 20
Wings, Power Armour 60
Lvl 2 50
= 330

= 720
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