Upcoming events and contests

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Upcoming events and contests

Post  System Commander on Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:59 pm

So, we have a couple things that we can look forward to shortly.

The first thing I wanted to mention is the upcoming Black Reach release on Sept 6th. I'll be running some type of thing at the Den that Saturday, I'm not really sutre what it will be yet but I may hang around and work on painting the box set or perhaps run some demos for new players if any show up.

I want to mention though that GW will be sponsoring a painting event with the Black Reach box. The basics of how it will work is this. You choose one faction from the box, Marines or Orks and paint up all the models from that faction. You'll then bring them down to the den and Al and Darren will judge the best painted entry and you'll win something. I don't know the deadline yet and I don't know the prize, but I wanted to give some warning. This would serve as the perfect tie in to the league challenge as well if your doing Marines or Orks. You can paint up some points for your painting challenge blog while entering the GW one at the same time.. how can you go wrong?

The second thing (and I'll start another line for it in upcoming events) is the counter challenge. This will be our first site sponsored challenge. The goal will be to create 3 counters of any type and themed to one of your armies. Once completed, we'll post them on the site and vote for the best. The winner will then get a prestigious prize (probably a special title or trophy to put in your signature line) and you'll also have some counters for your army.

Ill have more details shortly, but you've now had some warning!

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