space wolves vs Raptors (d.a. codex)

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space wolves vs Raptors (d.a. codex)

Post  dusktiger on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:57 pm

1850 purge the alien, dawn of war deployment, between dan's army with IG armoured regiment allies, and my raptors (ravenwing) army.

highlight of my army; took a devastation banner, and all game i either had nothing to shoot at that bolters could harm, or forgot to use it when it did finally have targets to shoot. fantastic use of 65pts. *eye roll*

dan got first turn. got some kills off the get-go, but only a dude here and there from each squad.

there was some shooting, there was some melee, i lost Sammael to his warlord, and then my libby (warlord this game) killed him in revenge.

in the end, dan got 6KP, i got 8KP, plus first blood, slay the warlord, and Linebreaker. at first we said he had slay the warlord, but that's cause i had a brain fart and forgot i made the libby my warlord so i could chance rolling something better than sam's Rapid Maneuver since it wouldn't help much here. overall, fun game. had me worried with all the damage and lucky kills he made turn 1, but i managed to turn it around. the outflanking attack bikes comming in to slaughter his leman russes helped alot.

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